The Smasher Meets the Smash Cake


Okay, so I’m not one to say that I am that Instagram mom that always has perfect hair, with a perfectly clean and well dressed baby all the time. Although I will be the first person to say my lil kiddo is freaking beautiful, I think he deserved some professional coverage for his first birthday. I’ve seen some really cute photo sessions with babies at their 1 year birthday as they eat their birthday cake, and I was determined to have pictures of my boy digging into his cake with gusto. Plus we lovingly call him by Asher The Smasher  so I thought it would be so unjust to not have a Smash Cake session for someone with that moniker.

So out I looked for a Smash Cake photographer. This one I actually prepped for, I mean I showered that day!

First thing I had to do of course was to track down a THE photographer, and I had a few qualities in my list. First he or she has to be patient or good with kids, or better yet specialize in this kind of photography session and be a guide for me, next they have to be reasonably priced, and lastly of course their work should highlight the kids’ personalities. It took me weeks, scrounging the internet for this unicorn. Right when I found one that has an excellent portfolio, I’d find out their price is pretty much a ton of dollars and my firstborn. Being as I only have one kid and no spare made yet, that would not work, since you know, people would notice, and I already sent invitations for this firstborn’s birthday.

Then after weeks of combing the Internet I found her on Facebook! She ticked off all the items on my list: the babies in her photos looked like they are having fun, the shoots were creative and colorful, she did the staging but also was open to collaborating on the props for the shoot, it was in a studio (we needed a warmer venue since Idaho March was not ideal for shirtless baby photoshoots) and she was priced very fairly.



She let me choose a theme and she provided the props and set up the studio for us! I sent her some pictures as peg but she went above and beyond. All I had to prep was Asher’s outfit and cake. I thought since my lil dude looooooves, I said loooves trucks and heavy equipment, we went with a construction site theme. He wore a tool belt and a bandana and looked like a baby chippendale (I didn’t mean to do that but it was hilarious)! I also bought an excavator toy we borrowed from my nephew for him to play with, but he ended up playing with the traffic cones instead ha! I lucked out that I had an awesome sister in law who is a master baker and she made the cake exactly as I had imagined. Asher loved “fixing” his cake but barely ate it. I know I know, sometimes I wonder if he really shares my DNA I mean it cake, you eat it, no other choice!


Included, and very smartly so, is a little after cake mess bath the photographer set up and we also got some cute pics from that.


If you are based in the Boise Idaho area, check out the lady behind the lens is Brandy. Speaking g of the photographer she was very patient and was indeed good with kids. Asher kept wanting to walk off the frame and play with the background props and it really was like herding a whole flock of deaf and blind sheep for an hour, trying to make said sheep smile or not eat the balloons. It was kinda crazy in there, noisy too since, my mom was also there. Being filipino we ladies tend to have high pitched loud voices when we are excited, and man was it an exciting shoot! I do feel sorry to Brandy’s eardrums and  sanity, but despite all that, the pics turned out so great.

Photo credits to Huckleberry Cloud Photography and Brandy, thanks for the awesome pictures!

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